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About us.

Our name, Pink Pelican PR, encompasses everything we do, the people we are, and what we represent. We’re vibrant and quirky, bright and different, striking and resilient, and do things just a little bit different from other agencies.


Launching our business venture at the start of 2019, we decided organisations, businesses, and charities, could be missing out on two vital things in order to help them grow, Public Relations and Marketing!


We are Bristol based, born and bred, with a charismatic Bristolian twang, a love for the city, AND, we love what we do for our clients.


As professional Marketing and Public Relations Consultants, we can cater and advise on PR and Marketing content to suit your specific audience(s). Drawing on our years of experience we guarantee to put your enterprise on the map by using creative and innovative professional Marketing and Public Relations strategies.


We cut through the noise with our simple ethos, a passion for getting your enterprise seen, heard and read by the people that matter to you.



To get your business, organisation, charity, start-up, or SME, seen, heard and read by the people that matter to you.



To form fantastic, long-lasting professional partnerships with a plethora of organisations we have a passion for, and to continue to deliver state-of-the-art PR and Marketing services.



At Pink Pelican PR and Marketing, we have three values that are ingrained into everything we do, and the people we are. Our values are: Honesty, Loyalty and Transparency.


We are committed to being honest to our clients and will only suggest PR and Marketing campaigns, strategies and packages that we believe will bolster your business presence.


We are loyal, and will only work with businesses that we’re passionate about. We will only work with one sector, at any one time, ensuring your business niche is getting our full attention.


We are transparent. You’ll understand exactly what we’re doing for your business, how, why and when. We’ll take you and your business on the PR and Marketing journey with us, AND we don’t tie our lovely clients into contracts, so the choice to work with us is because you want to!


So, hop on! It’s going to be great! Get in touch to find out more about Pink Pelican PR.

Pink Sugar
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